Sunday, June 2, 2013


It is quite refreshing to know that God is ever vigilant, neither slumbering nor sleeping. When we think we are truly abandoned he shows us his presence in many and real ways.

The Old Testament Reading at Mass this morning was just one of those moments. For the last week I have felt much of what I imagine the prophets of Baal were feeling in their competitive sacrifice. Is God asleep? Must he be woken up? But unlike Baal, my God and Elijah's God is very much awake.

The last few weeks I too have been struggling with sacrifice. It is a personal and willing sacrifice, but none the less a daunting one. It requires full trust and possession of the Holy Spirit, a vulnerability I struggle with daily. It will call me into an abiding in Jesus that is comforting, but also reckless. I have been preparing for this, and still feel I am not prepared. But, this is a great place to be sometimes. It allows our faith to be born blind, so that the Son of Man can work his power and make known his Father in Heaven.

May all of our sacrifices, big or small be inflamed like Elijah's sacrifice. May Him who keeps watch over Israel enkindle in us the spirit of hope, and with his blessing.